1991 – 2000

Year Number Issue Link Includes/Comments
1991 123 ?  PDF Results MVAC XC Champs/BVAF Throws Pentathlon/Cannock Masters/MVAC Road Handicap/MVAC Half Marathon/MVAC XC Champs
1991 124 ?  PDF Results Inter-Area 10k Road/MVAC Christmas Handicap
1991 125 ?  PDF Results MVAC T&F Champs/MVAC Road Relays/T&F Handicap Meet
1991 126 ?  PDF Results London Marathon/MVAC 10k Road Champs/BVAF & Midland Walks
1991 127 ?  PDF Results AGM Handicap/MVAC 10m Champs/Cannock Masters Meet/MVAC Half Marathon Champs/Solihull Masters Meet
1992 128 ?  PDF Results Christmas XC Handicap/MVAC XC Champs
1992 129 ?  PDF Results 10k Road Handicap
1992 130 ?  PDF Results London Marathon/Inter-Area 10k/MVAC Road Relays & T&F Handicaps
1992 131 ?  PDF Results MVAC T&F Champs/MVAC 10k Road Champs/BVAF Walks
1992 132 ?  PDF Results MVAC 4.7m Road Handicap/Solihull Masters/MVAC 10 Mile Champs/MVAC Half Marathon Champs/Cannock Masters
1993 133 ?  PDF Results Christmas Handicap/MVAC XC Champs
134 ?  PDF Results XC Handicap/Report BVAF XC & Indoor Champs
135 ?  PDF Results BVAF Indoor Pentathlon/MVAC Road Relays & Handicap Meet/MVAC v. EVAC 10k
136 ?  PDF Results MVAC 10k Champs/MVAC T&F Champs
137 October  PDF AGM Report/MVAC 10m Road Champs
1994 138 January  PDF Results MVAC Half Marathon/MVAC XC Champs/MVAC Christmas Handicap/MVAC  4.7m Road Handicap/BVAF Throw Pentathlon & Cannock Open
1994 139 March  PDF Results MVAC XC Handicap
1994 140 May  PDF Results MVAC Relay Champs & T&F Handicap Meet
1994 141 July  PDF Results MVAC 10k Champs & Inter-Area/MVAC T&F Champs
1994 142 September  PDF Results Inter-Area T&F/BVAF Pentatlon – 10k Run & Walks
1994 143 November  PDF Report AGM/MVAC 4.7m Handicap/MVAC 10m Handicap/MVAC Half Marathon/BVAF 10k Walk
1995 144 February  PDF Results MVAC XC Champs/Christmas XC Handicap
145 April  PDF Results MVAC XC Champs ammendments/BVAF Indoor-MVAC winners/MVAC XC Handicap/Profile of Pam Horwill
146 July  PDF Results MVAC Relays/MVAC T&F Champs/National 20k Walk/Burton Spring Warm Up Meet
147 September  PDF Results BVAF & MVAC 10k Road Champs/BVAF Pentathlon & 10k Run and Walks
148 November  PDF Results MVAC 10 Mile Champs/BVAF 10k Walk/Solihull Throws Meet/Inter-Area 10k/AGM Race/MVAC Half Marathon Champs
1996 149 February  PDF Results MVAC XC Champs/MVAC Christmas Handicap/MVAC XC Handicap/
150 April  PDF Profile of Colin Simpson/BVAF XC Champs
151 June  PDF Report EGM/Results Tamworth Warm Up Meet/MVAC Relay Champs
152 August  PDF Results MVAC 10k Champs/BVAF 20k Walk/MVAC T&F Champs
153 October  PDF Results BVAF Throws Pentathlon/BVAF 10k Walks/MVAC 10 Mile Champs/European Vets Medal winners
1997 154 January  PDF Results MVAC XC Champs/BVAF XC Relays/MVAC Christmas Handicap
155 March  PDF Results MVAC XC Handicap/European Indoor Champs
156 June  PDF Results BVAF Relays/Spring Warm Up Meet/European Vets Walks/MVAC 10k Champs/MVAC Relays
157 August  PDF Results MVAC T&F Champs/BVAF 10k Run & Walks/BVAF Pentathlon/BVAF T&F Champs
158 October  PDF Results Inter-Area T&F/MVAC 10 Mile Champs/MVAC Half Marathon Champs
1998 159 February  PDF Results MVAC Christmas XC Handicap/International XC/MVAC XC Champs/
160 April  PDF Chair’s AGM 1997 Report/Results MVAC XC Handicap
161 June  PDF Results MVAC Relays/BVAF XC Champs/MMAC Warm Up Meet/MVAC T&F Champs
162 September  PDF Results BVAF Pent./MVAC 10k/BVAF Walks/MVAC 10k Road Champs/BVAF 20k Walk/BVAF T&F Champs medalists
163 November  PDF Results BVAF 5k Champs/Inter-Area Match/European Vets/MVAC 10 Mile Champs
1999 164 February  PDF Results MVAC Christmas XC Handicap/MVAC XC Champs
165 April  PDF Results MVAC XC Handicap/BVAF Indoor Champs
166 June  PDF Results Spring Warm Up Meet/BVAF XC Champs/MVAC Relays/MVAC T&F Champs
167 September  PDF Results MVAC 10k Road Champs/BVAF 20k Walk/MVAC 10k Track/BVAF Pent. & 10k Walks/MVAC Pent. & 10k Walks/BVAF T&F Champs
168 November  PDF Report Inter-Area Match/Results MVAC 10 Mile Champs/BVAF Marathon/BVAF 10k Walk/World T&F Champs
2000 169 January  PDF Results International XC/MVAC Christmas Handicap/MVAC XC Champs
170 April  PDF Results BVAF Indoor Champs/MVAC XC Handicap/BVAF XC Champs
171 June  PDF Results Spring Warm Up Meet/MVAC Relays
172 August  PDF Results & Report MVAC T&F Champs/BVAF 10k Road & Inter-Area/World Road & Walk Champs/MVAC 10k Road Champs
173 ?  PDF Results European Vets Walks/BVAF T&F Champs/Report Inter-Area/Results MVAC 10 Mile Road Champs/MVAC 10k Track & Walks/BVAF & MVAC Pent.

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