2001 – 2010

Year Number Issue Link Includes/Comments
2001 174 January  PDF Results MVAC XC Champs/MVAC Christmas XC Handicap/BVAF XC Relays
175 April  PDF Results MVAC XC Handicap/BVAF Indoor Walks
176 June  PDF Results MVAC T&F Champs/BVAF 20k Walks/MVAC Relays/MVAC 10k Road Champs
177 September  PDF Results BVAF & MVAC Pent. Champs/BVAF 10k Walks & MVAC 10k Track/World T&F Champs/BVAF T&F Champs/VAAE International Walks
178 November  PDF Results BVAF Throws Pent./MVAC 10 Mile Champs/Report on Inter-Area Match/BVAF 30k Walk
2002 179 January  PDF Results MVAC Christmas XC Handicap/MVAC XC Champs
180 April  PDF Results MVAC Road Handicap/BVAF Indoor Champs
181 June  PDF Results Handicap Meet/BVAF 20k Walks/MVAC Relays/MVAC T&F Champs/World 30k Walk
182 August  PDF Results MVAC 10k Road Champs/BVAF T&F Champs
183 November  PDF Results MVAC HM Champs/BVAF & MVAC 10 Mile Champs/Inter-Area Match/MVAC Pole Vault Champs
2003 184 February  PDF Results for MMAC in the International Vets XC/>VAC Christmas XC Handicap/MVAC XC Champs/
185 April  PDF Results MVAC Road Relays
186 July  PDF Results MVAC T&F Champs/BMAF & MVAC 10k Road Champs/BMAF 20k Walk/BMAF T&F Champs
187 September  PDF Results BMAF Pentathlon/MMAC 10k Track & Classic/World Champs MVAC medallists/Walking results/Central TV Cup Finals
188 November  PDF Results Inter-Area T&F/MVAC 10m Champs/BMAF Weight Pentathlon
2004 189 February  PDF Results MVAC XC Champs/International XC/MVAC XC Christmas Handicap
190 March  PDF Results MVAC 5 Mile Handicap/BMAF Indoor Champs/BMAF Indoor Pentathlon
191 May  PDF Results Leamington Spa Walks/MVAC Road Relays
192 July  PDF Results BMAF 10k Track Walk/BMAF Pentathlon & Classic/BMAF T&F Champs/MVAC T&F Champs/MVAC 10k Road Champs/Selected WAMA Results
193 October  PDF Results European Champs/BMAF 10k Champs/MVAC 10 Mile Champs/Inter-Area Match
2005 194 January  PDF Results International XC/MVAC Christmas Handicap/MVAC XC Champs
195 ?  PDF Results MVAC 5 Mile Road Handicap/BMAF Indoor Walks & Pentathlon/MVAC XC Champs
196 July  PDF Results BMAF Walks/MVAC Road Relays/BMAF Pentathlon/MVAC T&F Champs
197 September  PDF Results MVAC 10k Champs/BMAF T&F Champs/Inter-Area Match/MVAC 10 Mile Champs
198 November  PDF Fixtures & Entry Forms
2006 199 February  PDF Race Walking Report 2005/Results MVAC XC Champs/MVAC Christmas XC Handicap/International XC MVAC performances
200 April  PDF Results MMAC Relays/Report BMAF XC Champs/Results 5 Mile Handicap
201 June  PDF Results MMAC T&F Champs
202 September  PDF Results 10k Road Champs/BMAF T&F Champs/MMAC 10 Mile Champs
203 November  PDF Results Midland Vets League Cup Finals
2007 204 February  PDF Results International XC/MMAC XC Christmas Handicap/MMAC XC Champs
205 April  PDF Results 5 Mile Handicap
206 June  PDF Results MMAC 5k Handicap Walk/MMAC Relays/MMTG Weight Pentathlon/MMAC T&F Champs
207 August  PDF Results for MMAC members in BMAF T&F Champs
208 November  PDF Results MMAC 10k Road Champs/MMAC 10 Mile Champs
2008 209 February  PDF Results MMAC members in International XC/MMAC XC Champs/MMAC 5 Mile Handicap
210 April  PDF Results MMAC Relays & Walks
211 June  PDF Results BMAF 10k Track & Walks/BMAF Pentathlon/MMAC T&F Champs
212 August  PDF Results for MMAC members in BMAF T&F Champs/MMAC 10k Champs & Inter-Area Challenge/Inter-Area T&F
213 November  PDF Results 10 Mile Champs
2009 214 February  PDF Results MMAC XC Champs/MMAC 5 Mile Handicap
215 April  PDF Result for MMAC in BMAF Indoor Champs/MMAC Relays
216 July  PDF Results for MMAC in BMAF T&F Champs/MMAC T&F Champs/MMAC 10k Champs
217 October  PDF Results MMAC 10 Mile Champs/Inter-Area T&F
218 December  PDF Results BMAF/MMAC 10k Track/International XC
2010 219 February  PDF Results MMAC XC Champs/MMAC 5 Mile Handicap
220 May  PDF Results MMAC Relays
221 July  PDF Results MMAC T&F Champs
222 September  PDF Result Inter-Area T&F/BMAF T&F Champs/MMAC 10k Road Champs
223 November  PDF “Old Guard” Results

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