Newsletter Archive is now completed

MMAC Newsletters are all online

At long last our ‘little’ project to upload and archive every copy of our published Newsletters has now been completed. From now on every edition will be added to this site as they are published. This make this site an invaluable tool for research as well as for everyone’s enjoyment.

The archive is split into decades with a page for each of the 10 years of Newsletters.  Click on the individual links “PDF” to download each edition. The brief list of contents mainly includes results but in addition to these there is a wealth of other information from reports of AGM’s to jokes and anecdotes.

I must acknowledge the work carried out on our behalf by Chris Holloway, the Tipton Harriers Archivist, who has kindly scanned the majority of old copies currently available of our Newsletter for us so that we can publish them for all to read. Our sincere thanks to Chris for his hard work.

Some of the files are quite large, so please be patient if you have a slow broadband connection. Also some of the issues were in poor condition and will be replaced if and when replacements become available. If anyone has a better copy, then please let me know at 

It was thought that Issue Number 16 was missing but it now seems highly likely that it was never published and it was skipped from Number 15 to Number 17. None of our early members have been able to produce a copy and George Phipps, our Life Vice-President, thinks that the elusive Number 16 was a ghost edition. Problem solved!

Enjoy your reading.

Tom Morris – 27th October 2014

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